About Us


Today’s organizations are under increasing pressure to keep pace with a changing marketplace while supporting employees and customers using a new set of capabilities to meet their needs.
Capabilities such as, cloud services and mobility are enabling users to personalize specific needs to do a variety of tasks.

Digipresence is deeply aware of the tremendous opportunities which could be created through mobility as a means of driving high performance and ensuring competitive advantage. We tend to look at enterprise mobility from a strategic perspective, thus taking several key factors into account. Such factors include: the rapidly expanding use of mobile devices, the widely increasing integration of “mobile” machine-to-machine (M2M) capabilities, and the impact of millennial generation and globalization on mobility.

Having a strategic understanding of enterprise mobility, Digipresence’s usually begins its work by evaluating the current business practices, enterprise goals, IT resources, and existing mobility investments. We have expert teams capable of analyzing your company’s infrastructure and processes in light of specific mobility goals to minimize disruptions to your business and make the most of existing investments.

Enterprise mobility extends beyond the ability to access email on-the-go. Many organizations are deepening their commitment to mobility by building new, custom apps to address evolving business needs. We are skilled in deciding which mobilized processes might offer the biggest ROI and how to develop highly secure mobile apps.

In addition to the inherent challenges of onboarding any new technology, expectations around the speed of wireless device deployments are becoming greater as organizations strive to get ahead of the mobility curve.
Digipresence delivers a complete service list of planning, deployment, support, and management to assist you in making the most of your mobility implementation. By combining end-to-end consulting expertise with global fulfillment capabilities, we can help your organization turn mobility into a successful reality