PointSync Mobility Platform

NEW – PointSync Professional 2.7

The Most Cost Effective MEAP Solution for Your Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Reduce Mobility Costs by 80%

PointSync™ Professional is designed to be the most cost effective mobile deployment environment in the industry today. From building mobile apps to deployment and end user support, PointSync™ can make your mobile strategy a reality without breaking your budget or your business.

True Enterprise Capabilities

PointSync™ Professional is an enterprise rated mobile deployment platform that can be implemented without disrupting your current architecture. With low overhead, high value and quick implementation, PointSync™ includes powerful features like 128-bit security, integration modularity, auditing and logging, synchronization filtering, scalability, integrated support utilities and is scalable on demand

Simplified App Development & Deployment

Deploying and supporting new and updated mobile apps is the number one support issue organizations struggle with in supporting a mobile workforce. PointSync’s deployment tools with native mobile containers make it possible to get employees and contractors up and running on the devices of their choice in less than 15 minutes. And our native containers are readily available on the Apple AppStore, Google Play and BlackBerry App World today.

BYOD & Broad Device Support

The expense connected to writing enterprise-ready mobile apps that support the wide variety of mobile phones and tablets can be daunting. PointSync™ Pro 2.7 and higher with its HTML support embraces the “write once deploy to many” strategy that allows you to support a wide range of devices with one set of code.

Work Anywhere

Mobile applications are intended to be used anywhere, even in the middle of a corn field or two floors deep in a basement. PointSync™ places a lightweight relational database on each synchronizing device which allows the mobile application to operate and save data regardless of the presence of an internet connection

Support Hundreds of Mobile Users

PointSync™ manages complex, heavy-duty data sync scenarios where hundreds of mobile users are sending and receiving data in the field. It’s built from the ground up to bolt into the enterprise and handle the immense amount of data generated by an efficient mobile workforce.

Database/Application Integration

PointSync™ was designed with a robust, enterprise-class database included. In most cases, organizations already utilize a database to store data about customers, orders, inventory, assets, inspections and more. To make sure data flows from the field to existing databases, PointSync includes remote server configurations which attach to existing databases and quickly integrate then into the data synchronization process

Device Management & Helpdesk Tools

We realize that every device, tablet and computer that connects to the organization needs to be managed. That’s why we roll device management into every solution we deploy. To assist users in the field, PointSync uses general and device-specific synchronization and audit logs to give IT/helpdesk teams the power to keep mobile workers functioning